Grantsmanship in the 21st Century


Grants are the backbones of current funding in education. All educators should venture to learn the ins and outs of the grant process. These grants will assist you in bringing your school into the 21st century using technology. Resources such as The Annenberg Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation are working to insure the issuance of grants at all levels of education. It is for these reasons that research on grants and their eligibility criteria is important for K-12 educators. Technology grants require a solid up-to-date Site Technology Plan (not a district plan) that is in use. This document contains information which will aid you in the completion of grant information in a timely fashion. Without such a plan, in place, the grant deadline can easily be missed.

There are many resources available on the World Wide Web relating to the grant process:

Suzanne Turner
last updated August 2009

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