Lesson Plan: Art/Science Cross Curriculum Grade Level: 1-4
Created By: Suzanne Turner Time Requirement: 1 Hour
Subjects: Art and Science
  • Toilet tissues used within Chromatography experiment. (You may wish to use kleenix or another 2 ply soft facial tissue that is a solid color which was not used in the previous experiment. They will work fine but must be cut to size).
  • Long green pipe cleaners (Chenille, approximately three per student).
  • Leaves made from green construction paper or purchase from floral or craft supply store. I prefer to purchase them because the wire is attached and you only have to wrap it around the Chenille (pipe cleaner)
  • Make sure that the leaves are cut from construction paper or separate out purchased leaves in sets of 6 (two leaves per flower).
  • Place with the set of leaves 3 Chenille stems.
  • Have all 12 tissues per student (if using full size facial tissues these need to be cut down to 4 x 4 sheets colored toilet tissues work the best double ply).
  • If you have no students in your classroom with allergies, you may wish to bring in a spray type perfume for the students to spritz onto their carnations.
Making the Carnations
Step 1 Hand out the tissues (12-2 ply pieces). If they are using the Chromotography tissues have them sort them by desired color combinations as seen here. 1.
Steps 2,3, & 4
Using 4 of the tissue square, push the green Chenille through the center of each piece. Once you have all the layers on the students should separate the edges of the tissues to make it easier on the step 9 to fan then out.
Steps 5, 6, 7, & 8
Once all the layers are placed onto the chenille (pipe cleaner), push the downward so you can put a small twist onto the end of the wire (This will keep them from coming off in the next step). Then push all of the sheets up against the knot or bend in the chenille and pinch the tissues together. While holding them you twist the wire aroung the base about 1/2 inch up. You will wrap it around three time and then straighten the stem out.
Steps 9, 10, & 11
Once again pinch the tissue together. Hold tightly close to the top of the tissue edges and tear away the white edges or if solid colors used this will give the feathers look of the curly edges of a carnation. Now that this is completed twist the leaves onto the stem. Now it is time to separate the tissues each sheet has two pieces so you want to separate them out to make a full flower.

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