Pop-Up Cards For All Occasions

Lesson Plan: Holiday Art Card Project Grade Level: 1-4
Time Requirement: 3 days 3o minutes per day Created by: Suzanne Turner
Subject: Art

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  • Light Weight Card Stock (white) onto which black line masteres are copied. (If you use regular xerox/copy paper when the glitter glue is applied the paper wrinkles and distorts so that it will not fold properly and over makes the cards look bad)
  • Colored Markers (fine tip) or Color Crayons (Markers are the best for fine line details).
  • White Glue (Not Glue sticks these tend to dry and decorations pop off).
  • Exacto Knife or Box Knife (to cut along pop-out lines).
  • Scissors (enought for entire class).
  • Glitter Glue (Crayon or Rose Art with fine point tip) to highlight cards if desired (Not glue and glitter it make a big mess and the glitter is to corse).
  • colored construction paper cut to size to form covers of the cards. (large cards are approximately 8.5 x 11; Small cards are 8.5 x 5.5)
  • Envelopes for decoration storage after they are cut out.
  • Small pictures of students for Small Christmas Card only (the size which might appear within the students cummulative records 1" x 1 1/4")

Using Copy machine, copy on the Light Weight Card Stock enough of the card layouts with pop-out line designations for all of the students (a few extra would not hurt). Make sure that you use the Exacto knife to cut along the pop-out segments before handing them out to students. Also using the Light Weight Card Stock, copy all of the black line masters for your desired decorations. Plan on at least one days to complete the cutting of the pop-out lines. Cut all construction paper to size in colors desired for project.(DO NOT USE INK JET PRINTER BECAUSE THE SOLVENT WITHIN THE COLORED PENS DESOLVES THE INK FROM THE PRINTER AND CAUSES THE COLORS TO BECOME DARKENED AND BLEEDS INTO THE PEN TIP)

Printable black line drawings for large cards

  1. (Day1) Before students start. Have them place their initials on the back side of the card and decoration pages so they do not get lost. Pass out fine tipped colored pens for them to us in coloring the decoration pages and the card page. Have glitter glue available for students to use once they have finished with the colored pens. The glitter glue will need to dry overnight depending on the weather. If your classroom gets extremely cold during the night, you may need to add one more day forthe glue to dry completely. Have your students place their cards and decoration pages in a designated area to dry. Many students complete this faster than others do NOT let them proceed until the glitter glue is dry.
  2. (Day 2) Have students retrieve their cards or hand them out it is your choice. Have the students cut out all decoration pages and place their piece into an envelope so they do not loose any pieces. This procedure usually takes a good 30 minutes (or longer) for most students to complete. The reason for so many identical pieces of decoration is in case of a cutting mistake. Students in grade 1 and 2 will most likely need help with some of the cutting. On pieces such as the big wreath, have them cut along the edges leaving some white showing. Once glued in place, find a colored pen that matches the background and color to fill in the the white areas.
  3. (Day 3) Have the children choose the color of construction paper they wish for the cover. Hand out or have them retrieve their card and decoration envelope. Now it's time to fold and glue the items in place.(1) Placing the construction paper in front of them as they would a large piece of lined writing paper have them take the top edge and fold it down evenly with the bottom edge and crease. On the back of the cover have them write Hand Made By and then their names. Put it aside. Now with the card portion (you may wish to do this for them before they start this process) have them turn the page over so that the back is showing. (2) Carefully press in at the base of each cut section to form the pop-outs. (3) Then holding the edges evenly together start to fold the card in half. As you do this make sure that the cut pop-out strips are folding inward and upward. (4) The end product looks like this. (5) Now run a fine line of glue around the edge of the card portion and place inside of the cover. Glue one side of card insert at a time to lessen chances of over gluing. Once this is done the students can start to place their decorations inside their cards and on the front cover. Impress on the students that overglueing will cause the cards to stick together. (6)On the pop-out sections have them use their fingers to spread a line layer of glue on the section that will touch the decoration as the card is opened, not on any other piece of the pop-out. Once they are done, once again put them aside until the glue is dry. When they are dry and before they go home have them write their greeting in the card.

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Printable black line masters for Small Christmas Card.

Follow steps for days 1 through three. These cards are printed two to a page so cut time in half before giving them to your students. You will need to print the large christmas card pages and wreath page so the children can decorate the front of their cards. (If you are having them do both cards then the extra decorations from the large card can be used to decorate the small card). You will see that there are counting circles to be copies you do not need as many of these pages copies only one per card. The students are to color the circle on Day 1, put their picture on the circle, and decorate around it with glitter glue to be set aside to dry. I have made this circle larger than required because many students have trouble with cutting and end up with the correct size. If you are pre-cutting the circles, place one in the center of the wreath and determine the size you wish before giving them to the students.
Printable black line masters for Thanksgiving Cards.
  • Thanksgiving Card Backing
  • Thanksgiving Card Turkey Drawings
  • Thanksgiving Pumpkin Drawings Follow the instructions for making the large Christmas card.

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